Getting started with React Native

You can use Instant in React Native projects too! Below is an example using Expo. Open up your terminal and do the following:

# Create an app with expo
npx create-expo-app instant-rn-demo
cd instant-rn-demo
# Install instant
npm i @instantdb/react-native
# Install peer dependencies
npm i @react-native-async-storage/async-storage @react-native-community/netinfo react-native-get-random-values

Now open up src/App.js in your favorite editor and replace the entirity of the file with the following code.

import { init, useQuery, transact, tx } from '@instantdb/react-native'
import { View, Text, Linking, Button, StyleSheet } from 'react-native'


  appId: APP_ID,
  websocketURI: 'wss://',

function App() {
  const { isLoading, error, data } = useQuery({ colors: {} })

  if (isLoading) {
    return (
      <View style={{ padding: 10 }}>
          If you are seeing this you likely need to replace{' '}
          <Text style={{ fontWeight: 'bold' }}>APP_ID</Text> on line 4
          You can get your APP_ID by{' '}
            style={{ color: 'blue' }}
            onPress={() => Linking.openURL('')}
            logging into your Instant dashboard
          . After replacing the id you may need to reload the page.
  if (error) return <Text>Error: {error.message}</Text>

  return <Main data={data} />

const selectId = '4d39508b-9ee2-48a3-b70d-8192d9c5a059'

function Main({ data }) {
  const { colors } = data
  const { color } = colors[0] || { color: 'grey' }

  return (
    <View style={[styles.container, { backgroundColor: color }]}>
      <View style={styles.spaceY4}>
        <Text style={styles.header}>Hi! pick your favorite color</Text>
        <View style={styles.spaceX4}>
          {['green', 'blue', 'purple'].map((c) => {
            return (
                onPress={() => {
                  transact(tx.colors[selectId].update({ color: c }))

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  container: {
    flex: 1,
    justifyContent: 'center',
    alignItems: 'center',
  spaceY4: {
    marginVertical: 16,
  spaceX4: {
    flexDirection: 'row',
    justifyContent: 'space-between',
    marginHorizontal: 16,
  header: {
    fontSize: 24,
    fontWeight: 'bold',
    marginBottom: 16,

export default App

If you haven't already, install the Expo Go app on iOS or Android. Once you have that installed you can run the app from your terminal.

npm run start

Scan the QR code with your phone and follow the instructions on the screen :)

Huzzah 🎉 You've got your first React Native Instant app running! Check out the Explore section to learn more about how to use Instant!

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